Ultimate Guide to 201 Mesquite Event Center Wedding Venue in Abilene, TX

Abilene, Texas Indoor Wedding Venue: 201 Mesquite Event Center

Hey lovebirds! If you found this post, I’m betting you’re looking for an indoor wedding venue near Abilene, Texas and I have good news for you! The 201 Mesquite Event Center is an option worth considering. Located right in the heart of downtown Abilene, the 201 Event Center is full of industrial vibes mixed with rustic charm.

Large Indoor Wedding Ceremony Space

The 201 Mesquite Event Center has a large indoor wedding ceremony space that’s ideal when the weather isn’t. This wedding venue can accommodate many guests. They have a stage set up and a wooden alter behind the couple. There is lighting, but as you can see the color is a little on the cooler blue side. This may be something that can be changed and I would suggest talking with the owner about it because with photos I would have suggested something different. As a wedding photographer, I would recommend having stronger, separate lights or seeing if it’s possible to change the location of the stage.

Large Indoor Wedding Reception Space

The giant indoor reception space is the true gem of this location. Lots of twinkling lights and tons of space make this a wonderful venue for a wedding reception in Abilene, Texas. The wooden barn sliding doors that separate the ceremony and reception area add extra rustic charm to this industrial space. There is an antique weighing station pictured below as well.

There is a large stage for a DJ or for the wedding couple’s table. The venue also offers tables and chairs and offers setup for those as well.

Separate Bride and Groom Suites

This event space has separate suites for the bride and bridesmaids and the groom and groomsmen. They are pretty far apart as well so it’s easier to not accidentally run into the other.

Rooftop Access

The rooftop access is a perfect spot to sneak away with the couple for a few photos. This couple opted to do some photos with the whole wedding party up there as well as a few of just them. It can be a bit tight squeezing larger wedding parties up there for portraits, but it was a really cool space.

Large Parking Area

No need to worry about parking at this downtown venue. There is large parking lot that will easily accommodate all of your guests and vendors.

Adjacent to Downtown Abilene

Should you want to do some of your photos outdoors (weather permitting), you are right downtown and can easily make some wonderful, fun images nearby. This wedding was during a very cold, cloudy, and windy and this couple opted to stay on site. If you have guests staying locally in Abilene it won’t be far for them to travel.

Your Happily Ever After at the 201 Mesquite Event Center

Now that you’re equipped with all the essential information about the 201 Mesquite Wedding Venue, I’m sure you’re feeling excited about this choice.

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