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Documentary Family Photography in Austin, Texas

Honest, Vibrant, and Relaxed Photography

For compassionate families

Because we can’t time travel…

I’m not here to remind you how fleeting life is. Chances are, you already know how quickly it passes- the same as I do when I look at my kids.

Some days you get punched in the gut thinking about it all. I’m here to help you squeeze those memories tightly with photography and videos.

Doc Brown hasn’t invented the flux capacitor yet and the best way to remember these moments is with a visual aide.

Let me help you capture the beauty of your family right now so you can travel through time to it in 10, 20, or 30 years from now to remember these beautiful moments with the ones you love.

If my calculations are correct, when this this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re going to see some serious sh*t.


Frequently Asked Questions about Documentary Family Photography

What is a documentary family photography session?

A documentary family portrait session is inviting an artist into your life to observe and capture what it feels like to be in your family. There is no posing, prompts, forced interactions, or treats needed to incentivize anyone to “do” anything. There is no performance needed from you.

“But my house is a mess!”

A spotless house is not a requirement. You live in your house it shouldn’t’ look like a staged house for selling. Don’t stress about how your house looks or about looking perfect—seriously, it’s all okay. What you see as clutter is actually a part of your family’s story. Years from now, you’ll be glad to have photos of these everyday moments, preserving the charm of the “good ol’ days.” Embrace the realness and let me capture the beauty in your everyday life.

What should we wear?

Whatever you want. Seriously. My top suggestion is to dress comfortably. Wear clothing you would wear any day of the week.

Do we have to do our documentary session at home?

Nope! The options are literally endless. You are inviting me to join your family to capture whatever you’re doing at whatever time. This could be playing in the park, swimming at the lake, camping, shopping at Costco, or anything you do together with your family.

“We are pretty boring. I don’t think there will be anything worth capturing.”

This is NEVER true. It may seem like things are boring, but I find ways to show your unique life. The connections your family shares are worth documenting.

What to expect from your Family photoshoot with Jessica

I’m the Family photographer for you if…

*If you’re wanting a relaxed and comfortable photography experience.

*If you want an understanding and validating family photographer.

*If you want clear communication and help preparing for your family photoshoot.

*If your family strives for connection over perception.

*If you want more than just a new Facebook profile photo.

Honest Reviews

Jessica was so great to work with!

Jessica was so great to work with. Being a mom herself, she knew how to work with my kiddos 🙂 She caught us all in our element and really captured the phase of life we’re in now. Her communication is great and she did so much to help us get prepared for the photo session. I think this really helped everything go smooth! My husband said after we received our gallery that these photos are some of his favorites ❤️
Kasey Norton

Family Portrait Pricing

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Beyond patient with our stubborn kiddos!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Amazing one of a kind photos! She is beyond patient with our stubborn kiddos! Honest, reasonable, and flexible!
Briona Sattarphai