Tips For Taking Your GoPro Camera To A Waterpark

Waterpark Family Photography Tips – GoPro Camera Edition

Waterparks and technology notoriously don’t mix. But maybe you want to capture just how much your little ones love the waterpark. What do you do? Well there are a couple of options. You can get one of those plastic covers for your phone. You can buy a disposable underwater camera. Keep in mind there are usually only so many images you can take with that. Or, you can use a GoPro camera!

I was ecstatic when my husband surprised me with a GoPro one year and ever since then it makes appearances every summer wherever there is water.

Below are some tips for taking fun family pics at a waterpark with your GoPro camera! These were all taken at Typhoon Texas in Pflugerville near Austin, Texas.

1. Don’t force Group or Specific Poses

If you have little kids at a waterpark trying to constantly get them to take photos or do specific poses will turn into a scene straight out of a horror movie. If you instead just live in the moment and take a bunch of photos, you’ll be a lot happier. That’s what I also love about the GoPro. The tiny screen isn’t great for checking if the image turned out ok so I don’t feel like I spend a lot of time on the “camera” versus taking photos and playing with my kids.

2. Watch out for fingers!

The super wide angle of the GoPro is great for fun photos, but difficult to keep your big honking fingers out of the way! Just be aware of that and find the easiest way to hold it or get a handle to keep your fingers out of the way. Even if you do accidentally get a picture with your sore thumb in it, that doesn’t mean it’s ruined.

3. Make sure you understand the gear and settings for underwater photos

I use the GoPro Hero Black 8 and it is supposed to be safe up to certain depths. BUT… it acts a little wonky when it gets very deep. For some reason it will occasionally switch to video when it goes underwater. Now, I am aware of it and I compensate for that by using specific underwater housing when I am taking it deeper in the pool, but my point is that you should practice with your GoPro before to get the hang of using it.

4. If there is a lot going on, turn on the intervalometer!

Pro tip here: You can be even more in the moment and present your kids and family by turning on the intervalometer. This setting will take photos every so often. You can set it and forget it.

5. Make sure you have extra batteries all charged up

I can’t speak for every model, but my GoPro eats the battery faster than my kids snarf down one of those cake pops from Target. Have extras charged and ready to go!

6. Don’t forget a strap or a case that’s easy to hold onto

A strap is a must for the waterpark. It’s a great option to have one long enough to wrap around your neck and have your hands free. You may also want to get a waterproof housing case. These can connect to a grip that also floats if you drop it accidentally.

Want someone else to do it for you? I’ll meet you at the waterpark and take a ton of fun photos of you and your family making memories!