Practical Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation gift ideas that you can actually use!

Whether you’re headed to college, taking a backpacking journey across the US, or jumping straight into the workforce, these graduation gift ideas are sure to help your graduate feel prepared for life!

1. First Aid Kit

Having some basic over the counter meds can be a life saver when sickness inevitably happens, because it will happen. The stress of school will definitely cause a person to be more likely to get sick and you don’t want to be coming down with something and realize you have to go out and buy some medicine to help.

first aid kit practical gift guide

2. Toolkit

Having basic tools like a hammer, a screwdriver, command strips, etc., is like a gift for the moments you can’t plan for.

3. Luggage & Travel Items

If your grad doesn’t already have travel and luggage items, this is a great practical gift especially if a grad is planning to move away. This will only make it easier for them to come back and visit!

4. Toll Tag

Do yourself a favor and check if there are toll tags if you’re moving. A toll tag can definitely be a great practical gift for anyone planning to move to a new city or travel.

5. Food / Grocery Gift Cards

Who doesn’t need to eat? A grocery gift card or a gift card can be a lifesaver and it will definitely get used!

6. Cleaning Kit

Not the most glamorous gift, but definitely useful. Cleaning spray, broom, mop, rubber gloves, sponges, laundry detergent, stain spray, scrub brushes.

practical gift ideas for grads

7. Dorm Room Items

Items like, bedding, storage organization bins, plugs, a laundry hamper, cooking utensils, etc.

8. School Supplies

Last but definitely not least school items! Things like a new backpack, a laptop, pens, post-its, water bottle, travel coffee mug, gift card for new walking shoes, etc.

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