How To Survive Senior Photos in a Texas Summer

teens floating on lake in summer

How to plan for senior photos during the Texas summer heat

Texas summers are no joke! If you live here you know they can be abusive af. That doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of slower schedules and sunny days for your senior portraits though! That’s why I’m putting together this list of ways to survive a summer senior photo session in Texas.

senior girl walking along the edge of the water during photoshoot

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Drink lots of water the week of your senior photoshoot. This will help your body be prepared for the heat. Definitely plan to bring a refillable water bottle with ice cold water to help you stay cool and refreshed.

2. Wear Waterproof Makeup

Yes, the possibility exists that we may hop into the water during your senior photos, but that’s not why you wear the waterproof makeup. It’s for the sweat! Trust me, if you’re planning to wear make-up, make it waterproof!

3. Soak Up The Sweat

If you’re planning to wear makeup make sure to bring powder for touch-ups. Additionally, you may want to bring a towel, paper towels, or a cloth napkin to help dab your face. And don’t worry so much! This is the most common thing I get asked when it’s hot outside… can you see the sweat? No, 9 times out of 10 you can’t even see it. Close up photos are the ones to watch out for with sweat.

4. Dress For The Weather With Summer Outfits

It’s hot, y’all. Don’t wear a sweater! If all the clothing you want to wear is warm or layers, maybe you should consider fall for your senior photos instead of summer. Instead opt for breathable clothing like linen pants or shorts and sheer flowy dresses.

5. Plan The Right Time Of Day

Do you want to sleep in or do you prefer to be in bed early? Most of the teens I work with prefer the evening, but the best lighting is either sunrise or the sunset. The question is which one works for you. We can even shoot fun images well past sunset! Check out some of these examples below for ideas and inspiration for nighttime portrait photography!

6. Get In The Water!

This is one of the most fun ways to cool off AND get fun unique senior photos! I have so many ideas for this that I haven’t gotten to do yet, so reach out if you’re thinking about summer senior photos!

7. Don’t forget the bug spray!

When you’re in Texas you know we also have Texas sized mosquitos! So don’t forget to pack some bug spray for those nasty critters. Sometimes we step into fields of flowers and I want your legs to stay bite free.

senior girl running through flowers