Light Painting Creative Senior Photos

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Senior Photos That Take Place After Dark

Are you afraid of the dark? Look, I was raised in the feral 90’s, so if you don’t get my references you really should do yourself a favor and google that shit. But for now I’ll just share this little image here and move on.

Anyway… back to senior photos

So, if you like being creative and want to have something out of the ordinary for your senior photos light painting may be for you! There is a lot of technical skill here that your photographer will have to know, but lucky for you I already know it!

Why should you do light painting senior photos?

Well to start, this isn’t the whole session for any of these girls. They both had regular portraits AND light painting portraits. Just to be clear. You can see more of Ryleigh, Karizma, and Adalee’s regular senior photos by clicking their names.

1. Texas Summer Heat

The number one reason I recommend light painting portraits as part of your senior photo session is because it’s so hot during Texas summer’s and these provide a relief from the burning sun because they happen at any point from sunset to well after dark.

2. Unique Senior Portraits

The second reason I recommend light painting portraits as part of your senior photography shoot is because they are incredibly unique and unusual. They will be unlike anyone else’s senior photos and that can be rare these days to find. The possibilities are truly endless here, but these are a few examples from this past year.

Check out these light painting senior photo examples below and reach out if this is your vibe!