What is Documentary Family Photography?

Unlike traditional and lifestyle family photography, documentary family photography captures real-life moments and authentic interactions without posing or direction. It’s all about telling the true story of your family’s everyday life, celebrating the beauty found in real, unscripted moments.

How Does Documentary Family Photography Work?

Documentary family photography is focused on storytelling without directions, prompting, or color coordinating outfits. Although if you want to wear certain things that’s up to you.

How is Documentary Family Photography Different than Lifestyle or Traditional Family Portraits?

Traditional and lifestyle photography is where the artist creates the set and you, the family, steps onto the scene as an actor of sorts. You stand in certain spots and are directed to perform in ways to illicit emotions. These photos can look beautiful and I still do these types of portraits for people, but it is not real.

Documentary family photography is inviting an artist into YOUR space to observe and record your family. There is no direction or set of instructions to follow. You can breathe and just be yourself and trust the photographer to capture the true story of your life in a meaningful and artistic way.