Guitar Senior Pictures for Guys

Senior Photos with a Guitar for Guys

Cash was such a fun senior guy and he has amazing talent! If you’re thinking about bringing your guitars to your senior photo session, let this post be your sign!

Acoustic Guitar Photos VS Electric Guitar Photos

Ok, so I am always open to ideas about how you’d like to use your guitars for your senior photos. I always suggest looking at album art or images of famous musicians. How I separate shots in the beginning is whether the guitar is acoustic or electric. Both are very different vibes. You haven’t seen as many musicians smash acoustic guitars as compared to electric.

Electric guitars have a higher energy feel in my opinion. Acoustic is more relaxed. So when I’m photographing a person with a guitar in their senior photos, that’s what is running through my head.

The Guitar Case

You also have to take into account the case. If you have a hard case covered in stickers we should absolutely be photographing that.

Guitar Straps & Guitar Picks

If you have a strap for your acoustic guitar, bring it! We can put that on for a walking image. If you have picks that you like those can be great little props to bring along too! The options are truly endless!

Are you ready to book your senior photos? Hit the book now button above or reach out and ask me any questions you might still be pondering. Hope to hear from you soon either way and hope this post gives you some inspiration!