Headshot Photographer in Austin, Texas

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Corporate Headshot Photos in Austin, Texas

Are you looking for a new corporate job at a different company? Or maybe you’re starting your own business? Either way you need to update your images. I offer corporate headshots and personal branding photography session in and around Austin, Texas.

Do I Need A Headshot Photographer?

A professional headshot photographer will help you capture more than just an image. Most professional photographers include services like, skin blemish removal, fixing hair fly aways, and help you showcase a real smile. I also provide help with clothing, poses, backdrops, and lighting. Professional headshots give you the ability to show businesses that you’re serious.

What’s The Difference Between Corporate Headshots and A Brand Photo Session?

I get this question a lot and it really depends on the job position and where you are in your employment journey. If you’re fresh out of college or starting a new business it’s better to start with a Brand Photography Session until you land a gig. However, if you’re already a mid-level professional it’s better to do a Corporate Headshot Session to update your images. Another big difference is that a personal brand photoshoot is more relaxed and incorporates more personality than corporate headshot photoshoot. Another difference is time and what’s included. Typically a headshot doesn’t take as long or include as much as a personal brand photoshoot.

If you need to update your headshot, I’d love to chat on how I could help you!