Tau Ceti Austin Personal Brand Photoshoot

tau ceti brand photos austin

Austin Personal Brand Photographer

Rebecca, with The Wild Hare Stylist, traveled all the way from our hometown to do her personal brand session with me here in Austin! I have known Becca since she transferred into elementary school. We’ve been close friends for years. She’s one of those friends where our relationship doesn’t rely on constant connection. We can skip years and still be laughing together within minutes.

So when Rebecca reached out with her ideas and booked her personal brand session I was stoked. We hopped on a coaching call and talked about all the details for her personal brand photoshoot from clothing to locations, etc. It was very clear from the beginning that her vibe used a lot of color. I had to recommend some of the unique locations here and one thing led to another and she was all set to come visit and do her photoshoot here in Austin.

Tau Ceti Mural in Austin

The 10 story mural is hard to miss on the corner of Brazos street and East 2nd street. It was created by artist Josef Kristofoletti and was inspired by a star in the constellation Cetus and symbolizes unity and diversity. You can read more about it here. If you’re in Austin it’s a must see stop!

Cute Nails in Austin, Texas

Speaking of colorful places in Austin, we visited the Cute Nail Studio for some of their adorable outdoor décor. It’s such a fun instagrammable spot in Austin. From there we walked around and found some more artwork on surrounding streets.

Butterfly Bridge in Austin, Texas

Her last outfit was black and white and for this we headed to the industrial area of the Seaholm District in Austin. We shot at the butterfly bridge and walked around the area finding interesting and fun locations to use

personal brand photoshoot seaholm district

Spokesman Coffee Shop in Austin, Texas

Our last stop was this fun coffee shop, Spokesman. We both wanted coffee, but I knew grabbing a few images here would be different. Not only does the coffee pack a punch, but the black and white graffiti art infused atmosphere ignites a burst of excitement and adds a playful edge to the overall experience. I knew the first time I visited this coffee shop I wanted to do some portraits here.

spokesman coffee in austin

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