5 Types Of Personal Brand Photos

Photos you need for your personal brand

What kinds of photos do I need for a personal brand?

It depends on the brand, their values, and what they offer. That being said, there are 5 common types of photos needed for most personal brands.

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1. Why you need a headshot photo for your personal brand

A good headshot is the Swiss Army Knife of your personal brand. This one single image can be used in SO many places online. It can be your social media profile photo, the image you use on your about page, the image you send out for interviews or when you guest blog for another brand. You will not regret having a good image of yourself to use in a variety of ways.

Why you need a headshot photo for your personal brand

2. Why your personal brand needs wide landscape photos

Wide shots are great to use on a website or a social banner. Empty space can provide a lot of options for adding text or other web elements. Think about how your website will be formatted. You will need some background images to design your site and landscape images are great for that. Landscape images can also be used on LinkedIn or a Facebook business page or group.

why your brand needs wide photos

3. Why your personal brand needs product photos

If you offer products to your clients don’t skip the product photos! Product photos are a great way to share what your personal brand can offer. These images can give you an opportunity to explain what problem the product you sell can solve. Or they can be used in an online shop for your clients to order.

why your brand needs product photos

4. Why does my personal brand need action shots?

Have a set of photos of you doing what your brand is all about. Creating products, speaking at events, etc. Showcase you doin’ your thang! It’s a great way to talk about services you offer as well.

why your brand needs action photos

5. Why your personal brand needs photos showcasing your authenticity

Some of the most fun photos are those that highlight your authenticity. Have fun with what works for your and your brand and bring in your personality! This will draw in your ideal clients and those you want to surround yourself with. It shows who is a good fit and who isn’t.

Why do I need personal brand photos?

Building a personal brand with photos can be a powerful way to establish your identity and presence online. Here are some tips to help you create a strong personal brand using photos:

  1. Choose quality photos: Make sure the photos you use are high-resolution and in focus. Poor quality photos can be distracting and undermine your brand.
  2. Use photos that reflect your brand: Choose photos that align with your brand image and message. If you are a professional speaker, for example, you might use photos of yourself speaking on stage or interacting with audiences.
  3. Be authentic: Use photos that show the real you. Authenticity is key to building a strong personal brand, and using genuine, candid photos can help convey your personality and values.
  4. Use a consistent style: Use a consistent style and aesthetic across your photos to create a cohesive look. This could mean using the same filter or color scheme, or choosing photos with a similar tone or composition.
  5. Optimize for social media: When selecting photos for social media, consider the dimensions and aspect ratio of different platforms. For example, square or vertical photos tend to work well on Instagram, while horizontal photos may be better suited for LinkedIn.
  6. Get professional photos taken: If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of you. These photos can be used on your website, social media, and other online profiles.
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