9 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Be Blogging


9 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Be Blogging For Your Business

Ugh, writing. It seems that every photographer I talk to hates to write. Even worse this keeps them from updating their blog regularly. If writing is keeping you from moving forward, I can help! I love writing! So much so, that I got a degree in English for it.

You might still be wondering why you should be blogging and I totally hear you. So let’s dive into a bunch of reasons why a blogging might be just what your photography business needs!

1. Depth and Quality of Content

Blogs allow you to go deeper into information for your clients. Blogging is better for detailed, comprehensive content that can thoroughly address topics. Yes, you can write some posts on social media, but not everyone is going to expand and read something really long. Maybe they’ll save it and come back, but chances are they won’t. Social media isn’t the best place for long form content.

2. Evergreen Content

Unlike social media posts, blog content can attract traffic for literal years! In fact, it works in almost the exact reverse of social media content. After you hit publish on a nicely written blogpost it could take 1-6 months before you start seeing any growth on that particular post. This is why you should be blogging NOW. It’s a long game strategy that will help you get a ton of traffic on your site.

3. Blogging Builds SEO Benefits

You want to make it easy for people to find you, right? Well people are searching google every day for information pertaining to photography. If you don’t have a blog or even worse you don’t have a site at all (!) how are they going to find you?

Blogging improves website search engine optimization, making it easier for potential customers to find your business through search engines. Targeting specific keywords will help align you with potential customers that are searching on Google. Regularly updated blog content helps improve search rankings also because it’s signaling to google that you are updating your site and it’s not dead.

4. Audience Engagement and Relationship Building

Engaging your audience on Google all comes down to writing for who you want to read it. What can you do to help solve pain points or problems that will help you build trust with potential clients? Blogging is also a great way educate customers about services, products, or other industry trends. Blogging consistently on a schedule will also help build credibility with your clients.

5. Content Control

You blog is hosted on your website and you don’t have to worry about algorithms or your content not showing up on your own website. There are no games or having to make a crap ton of reels just to get visibility or get your content seen. The only trick for your site is understanding SEO and how google reads and ranks your website on google. Unlike social media posts, which can get buried in feeds, blogs remain easily accessible on the website.

6. Content Repurposing

The best part of blogging is that it also allows for easy repurposing and updating content. It’s a great way to have a content bank to pull info and turn into something else. For example you can take bits of your blog post and easily repurpose that into several social media posts all by creating one well-written, long-form piece of content.

7. Lead Generation & Conversion

Your blog is a great tool to use for capturing leads and hopefully converting them to paying clients. So, you create some great content on your blog and maybe you make it into an actionable pdf for them to download and print out. But in order for them to get the file they have to sign up with their email address. This enables you to start sending weekly emails about your blog content about specific topics or ideas that relate to you and your business.

Not only does this establish trust to those that sign up, but it also helps provide more people visiting your website which in turn tells google you’re providing relevant content to people.

9. Drive Traffic from Social Media

Social media can be used to help drive traffic back to your website. You can use it like a distribution channel and get eyeballs to want to see more information on your site.

If this is feeling overwhelming, just know you can outsource this!

I’d love to help you to not only get more clients from google, but to also feel more confident about your blog. Reach out so we can talk about how I can best help you meet your blogging goals!