What To Bring To Your Senior Photoshoot

what to pack for a senior photoshoot

Senior Photoshoot Packing List

This is a common question I get a lot with senior photo sessions. So, I’ve made a packing list to help you be prepared! I also recommend a suitcase if you have a really large amount of items to bring. Although for the clothing I would definitely hang that up.

Do not feel like you need to bring EVERYTHING on this list… more is not better. Instead, look at this as a way to pick out what’s most important to you. What do you want to remember about yourself at this moment in time?

free printable senior packing list printable

1. Primary Outfit

AKA your fav fit! The one you “have” to have! Most of the seniors I work with want two or more outfits. You will definitely have more variety if you bring more than one outfit. Especially if they are radically different instead of similar.

2. Secondary Outfit

The one you like, but not as much as the main fit.

3. College Shirts

If you’ve already committed to a specific school bring a college shirt for a few images. If you’re not sure yet, you can either bring multiple shirts for all the one’s you’ve applied to, or you can wait until the grad cap and gown sessions and take a couple in your college shirt then.

college shirt at senior photoshoot

4. Accessories for each outfit

If you’re planning on wearing jewelry, you might consider changing out earrings, necklaces, etc. I typically suggest minimal jewelry to keep the focus on you, the subject, instead of what you’re wearing. You may also need to pack belts or ties.

5. Shoes for each outfit

Think about what shoes you need for each outfit. This could be sneakers, dress shoes, sandals, etc. A little tip is to also make sure the bottoms of your shoes are clean. I have had to photoshop many the bottoms of shoes to make them look less yucky.

6. Comfortable walking shoes

You will want to bring some comfy slip on sandals or flip flops if you’re shoes are uncomfortable or if they aren’t broken in yet. It’s hard to be carefree and smile naturally when you’re feet are forming a giant blister. In fact, I always recommend comfort over appearance in every situation.

7. Hairbrush or Comb

The wind can be unpredictable. It’s always a good idea to bring a comb to brush your hair out.

8. Hair ties, pins, or clips

This will help your images have variety as well. Pulling up your hair or pinning it back can be a great way to some spice.

9. Hair spray or gel

You know if you need more hair spray or gel every so often. If you’re out in the heat of the day you may need to apply more product to keep your hair looking the way you desire.

10. Makeup kit

You may need to reapply foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, etc.

11. Mirror

If you need to reapply makeup or fix your hair you’ll need a mirror.

12. Bug Spray

In Texas you always want to bring bug spray. Even more so if we’re in a natural landscape area.

13. Sunscreen

Please treat your skin with care and use sunscreen! Makeup with sunscreen is a great way to use it on your face.

14. Makeup remover wipes

If it’s hot outside these wipes may help you to fix any makeup issues. Or if you want to go bare faced for the second half of your session you can use these to remove makeup.

15. Chapstick or lip balm

Keep your lips looking and feeling soft.

16. Tissues

If you wear makeup, tissues may come in handy as well. Or for mom, because it wouldn’t be the first time a mom had an unexpected tear or two watching from afar.

17. Face blotting papers

These are a great thing to pack for oil control.

18. Small hand towel or cloth

We live in Texas, y’all… you’re probably going to sweat!

19. Water bottle

Don’t forget a water bottle full of ice cold water to keep you feeling hydrated.

20. Snacks

Just because you’re a teenager doesn’t mean you don’t need a snack. Most of the time these sessions take place around dinner time so you’ll probably be hungry. I suggest fruit or snacks with a higher water content as well.

21. Musical instrument

Bring your band instrument, or guitar, or other fun instruments.

senior photos of boy with a guitar

22. Sports equipment

If you want to do sports related images you may want to pack a football, basketball, or dance shoes. Don’t forget the clothing that goes along with these also.

football senior photo silhouette

23. Hobby-related items

We can incorporate your hobbies in so many fun ways. Be sure to chat with me about it so we can start planning how to photograph you with your books, art supplies, or other hobbies.

girl looking through book for senior photo

24. School memorabilia

You may want to bring things like your letterman jacket, graduation cap and gown as well. I recommend waiting for the late spring grad cap and gown mini sessions I offer for the cap and gown specifically, but that’s because you probably won’t get it in until closer to graduation. Not to mention that we are usually pretty busy during your senior portrait session capturing regular images of you.

two seniors jumping with graduation garments on to celebrate during senior photos

25. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a great accessory because besides being a vibe they will also help protect your eyes from the bright sun during your senior portrait session.

senior boy posing with red mustang for his senior pictures

26. Hat or cap

There are some really cute hats out there that can not only provide shade and coverage for your face, but can fit a whole aesthetic.

27. Clear Umbrella or Colorful Parasol

For rainy days bring a clear umbrella for the best photos or on sunny days bring a colorful parasol for to block the light and give a pop of color. Or get the lacy parasol’s and give an 1800’s aesthetic.

free printable senior packing list printable