Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Senior Pictures

We don’t get as much time with our dogs as we want in this life, so I absolutely love it when my seniors want to bring their furry (or scaley) friends to their senior photoshoot! Here are a few things to consider and some cute photo inspo for your senior photos with your pups.

1. Have Mom or Dad Bring Your Pet

It’s best to incorporate your pet photos in the beginning of the photoshoot or at the end. Have mom or dad come along so they can take your furry friend back home or bring them later. You don’t want your dog sitting around in a hot car or getting anxious waiting.

2. Take them on a walk before the photoshoot

Do you have a hyper or excitable pup? Take them on a walk before the photoshoot so they can be more relaxed and worn out before we bust out the camera.

3. Bring A Lint Roller

Depending on your clothing and the color of your dog’s hair you may get covered so don’t forget this one! I like to photograph people with their pets right before they change into another outfit and that always helps. Also consider giving your dog a good brush before the photoshoot.

4. Choose a pet friendly location

Some places don’t allow dogs or pets so make sure to choose a location you can take your pet.

5. Bring Water on Warm Days

Don’t forget some water for them to drink! If it’s warm out they will want a sip.

6. Choose a good collar and leash

You don’t need to go out and buy a brand new collar or leash for this, but I suggest making sure it’s not too raggedy or dirty beforehand.

7. Bring Treats

Treats are always a great way to get your dog’s attention and reward their good behavior.

8. Consider Your Dog’s Temperament

Don’t stress, all dogs are crazy lol! Some are more excitable than others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a photo with them. It’s the fun candid moments that you’ll love just as much as the ones with them looking perfectly at the camera.

9. Don’t forget the poop bags!

When packing up your pup’s bag, don’t forget the poop bags. It never fails that when you’re in the middle of doing something else they will decide to poop! lol

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@the.jessica.martin I love it when you bring your pets to your senior photoshoot! A lot of times teens are moving into dorms or living situations where they can't bring their dogs or cats and they have to leave them at home when they move away for college. If that's you, make sure to include them for your senior portraits. You won't regret it! #austinseniorphotographer #austinseniorphotography #seniorpics #petseniorphotos #dog ♬ Dreams – The Cranberries