Martin + Hauger | Family Film Cisco, Texas

Do you remember all the giggles shared with your cousins when you were little? Imagine those giggles bottled up and available to revisit at a moment’s notice. That’s what you can expect from a family film.

Who would’ve known how much harder it would be to do that now? We haven’t seen them in almost a year mostly due to the Coronavirus and work of course. This video was shot in November of 2019. I sure hope these precious little people get to see each other soon and continue making memories!

Why should you get a film?

As a gift one year, my little brother had all of our old vhs home movies converted to digital so we could access them. Besides photos, that is the only way I can see my dad or hear his voice. I treasure those videos more than anything.

I don’t create films because he passed away and I am afraid of it happening, but because it made me realize how important those memories are and how I want the ability to cherish them and pass them on to my children and their children. Life, if well recorded, will never be forgotten.

I would love to hear about what family videos you have kept from your childhood. Comment below to share your memories. ↓

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