Bath Time Family Film


I absolutely love bath time at this age and stage that Atticus is in. I took photos as well, but decided to make it into a documentary film as well.

One reason I show the films I make of my family is to show what’s possible for your family. Atticus LOVES splashing in the tub but by the end we are soaked. He will also throw a big ol’ tantrum if he doesn’t want to get out. The boy makes a mess in the bathroom every night splashing in the tub. Blake and I take turns every night to bathe the kids or do dishes and I really do think I stay drier washing the dishes.

It’s not forever

I say all this because one day he won’t want to take a bath or he won’t splash in the tub. Having children makes you realize how fleeting life is and how important it is to capture. Not just for yourself, but for them.

Let’s chat about creating a video of your kids and family playing.

*No cameras were harmed in the making of this film*