Martin | Wonderspaces Family Film Austin, Texas

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind for us over here at the Martin residence. Atticus was sick with another fever, then I somehow contracted one of the worst cases of strep I’ve ever had, and now little man has another fever. This will be my 3rd week out of work and I am hoping the last. I wish it felt more like a vacation, but a sick kid and being sick myself has been no fun.

After Atticus’ first fever Blake bought tickets for us to go to an interactive art museum here in Austin. Other than one trip to the zoo outdoors we haven’t gone to do anything else this summer. It is kind of crazy to realize that we have otherwise been at home the whole time. However, being at home doesn’t really bother me and we found ways to make our own fun memories without having to rely on outside activities.

I was worried all last week that I wasn’t going to feel like going to Wonderspaces but thankfully the antibiotics have really helped. I only have a lingering cough left. Due to work we’ve had to get Covid tests each time and so far everything has been negative. Upon entry into Wonderspaces we were required to wear masks and our temperatures were checked. Pretty typical these days for any type of event. They staggered and limited entry as well to be able to distance from others.

This film displays a few of my favorites from the different presentations. The led bulbs were changing color to sound. I used phone footage, for the first time, my talented husband captured of the portrait made from hanging balls. The moving sculptural elements were a weird illusion that I know was caused by the light due to the flickering in the clips. The other area I spent a lot of time was in the mirror area. It looked and sounded like something out of a horror film set and it was fun to film in.

The cool thing about Wonderspaces is they change up the displays every so often. We look forward to our next trip to see what they have next. If you get the chance it is totally worth the expense!