Senior Photos at Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park in Austin, Texas

senior photo at dimension gallery sculpture park in austin texas

Address: 950 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX 78702

When you’re trying to find a unique photography location for senior photos I suggest consider using art that already exists to create something new. That’s what I’ve done here. When we drove past this small outdoor sculpture gallery I knew I would be coming back to it for it’s industrial metal symmetrical shapes and wild colorful block structures.

Where to park at the Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park

Parking here can be a bit trickier on the weekends because there is an event space across the street that was being used while we were there. It did appear that parking all around the park was free though. If you go during the week I am betting dollars to donuts it would be significantly less populated. The sculpture park itself wasn’t very busy at all. We ended up finding free residential parking about a block away.

Check out these images of Alistar’s senior photos we created at Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park and let me know what you think of the concept of reusing outdoor art for your senior photos!

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