Ella | 2022 Senior Photoshoot Winner

2022 Senior – Ella Grace

Meet Ella! She entered my Instagram contest and won a session that included a photography session with a digital package and a some invitations! We originally had planned to do her photo session in the evening, but her job wasn’t able to let her off for the time we had chosen so we moved it to the morning. I know it’s not easy getting up at sunrise, but the light is so beautiful as you’ll see when you scroll down. If you run into Ella congratulate her! She’s off to play softball at Cisco College after high school and I know she’s going to do great! Congrats Ella!

Why take senior photos?

Man… to be 17 again. Do you remember that feeling? The feeling of nervous excitement from the world opening up and the shift of change looming on the horizon? It’s the scariest most beautiful part of life. This year will be 20 years since I graduated high school and I can still remember that feeling. It’s a time to celebrate the next chapter!

When you think of celebrating do you think you’ll want to remember this moment? What is the story you’ll tell your kids or grandkids? When I consider hiring a photographer for something that sentiment is what I consider. Maybe at the time it doesn’t seem important, but there are so many terrible things that happen in life you have to grab the good and enjoy the moment. So much will change and you have earned the right to feel happy about this accomplishment. Invest in documenting the joy. I’d be honored to be your senior photographer in Cisco, Texas.

Photography Locations in Cisco, Texas

So… most of y’all know I grew up in Cisco and thanks to Ella I got to fulfill a goal of taking photos at Ted’s and Rex’s. Seems silly to some, but it was a landmark of sorts for me. I lived out at the lake and we passed it coming into town everyday. It’s not a shiny new store by the interstate, but it’s the place I remember buying my first roll of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape.

You know, it’s one of those hole in the wall locations only found in a small town where my stepdad would purchase lottery tickets or cigarettes. It’s not hugely significant by any means, but it was always there and I find peace knowing it’s still there and operational. What’s your opinion about this photo location? I’d love to know what you think… weird or cool and anything in-between. Leave me a note below!

“Landmarks, by their pure existence, structure environments. They form cognitive anchors, markers, or reference points for orientation, wayfinding and communication.” – Author Unknown


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