Rains | Zoo Hiking Trail in Cisco, Texas

Zoo Hiking Trails in Cisco, Texas

Y’all know how much I love the zoo hiking trail in my hometown! I did another senior session there a few weeks ago with Carson Rains. You may wonder why I go back to the same places and honestly in a small town options are more limited, but I also have to admit that part of the fun of limited choices is the challenge of making every session unique. That’s half the fun – the challenge. What I love most about the zoo are the large rock structures. The colors are beautiful and make for a very unique senior photo location right outside of Cisco, Texas. Have you been there yet? Let me know what’s your favorite area in the comments below!

Sports Senior Photography in Cisco, Texas

Many of the grads I work with are involved in sports and usually request some images of them in a jersey or on the field / court. I think it’s a great way to celebrate your high school sports career. Every time we include a sports themed session I imagine their grandkids or great grandkids looking at these images.

Do you look at the images of older generations and see sports as a part of their journey? It was always a bright spot in my mom’s life journey. She was a track star and she was always proud of her accomplishments. Still the most important question I can ask… what do you want to remember? Memories are so fickle. A smell or a moment can transport you back to memories on the brink of the abyss and you wonder what else am I forgetting or misremembering?