Wagner-Family Photographer Cisco Texas

Outdoor Family Photographer in Cisco Texas

Do you like to have your photos taken indoors or outdoors? I can do indoors for sure, but outdoors is my jam. Give me the sun, shadows, and wind any day. I think it’s the challenge of differing conditions that I love. It might be cloudy some days or windy. Then there’s the challenges of the location. If I’m headed to someone’s home or property, that poses it’s own hurdles of composition and light. I love trying to shoot in new places. It makes me have to think and I so enjoy the process involved.

That’s one of the reasons I love photographing this family. I’ve been to their property a few times and it’s my own personal challenge to create different images each time they hire me. There can be a fun aspect to creating a similar image to show something specific, like a child’s growth for example, but when I am photographing the same family in the same location I like to create something new for them to enjoy.

We drove around their property and it was so much fun to explore different areas they enjoy. Being an outdoor family photographer in Cisco, Texas means you are invariably hopping into big trucks with families and driving around on their property exploring where to shoot. I count myself lucky to get to explore other people’s land and I love that families want to incorporate their property, where they spend time with their loved ones, in their images.

Where do you like to have your photos taken?

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