Senior Pictures at Good Records in Dallas, Texas

boy browsing through records at record shop for his senior photoshoot

This record store in Dallas was super cute. We were there at the end of the day and it was close to closing time, but we snagged a few pictures here for Sawyer’s photoshoot.

Good Records Address: 9026 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

What to know before taking photos at Good Records in Dallas

1. A little bit messy

When I was there in November of 2023, it was a bit messy and we had to work around some boxes and things that needed to be put up. It might be different now. It’s also kind of a small record store, which is fine, but just be prepared because other people being there would’ve definitely been a little complicated.

senior boy photos in dallas texas at a record store

2. Work Fast

The owner or worker was a little put off by us asking to take photos there and maybe this was why, but it made me feel like I needed to work fast. Be sure to call before you go if this is the location you want, and be prepared to work quickly as well.

Creative Tip: Use the artwork from the records as inspiration

Musical artwork is pretty amazing in and of itself. Use that inspiration for your senior’s photos. Look at colors, lighting, or fun techniques that were used when making the album cover. Ask your seniors which album covers speak to them the most and see how you can use it. Here are a couple that we created.