Senior Photos on South Congress in Austin, Texas

South Congress Senior Photoshoot in Austin, Texas

Y’all… South Congress is full of spunky personality for senior portrait sessions. Lots of colors, vibes, and uniqueness. Listen, I do not recommend doing your senior photos on South Congress on a weekend evening. SoCo is a busy place and on weekends you will see lots of crowds walking around to different venues and restaurants.

Now, I’m pretty damn good at removing people out of images in photoshop. Even more so within the past year because of the new ai tools and features that come as part of my monthly photoshop adobe suite membership, but I still can’t remove giant crowds of people easily. You might be thinking, no big deal, it’s fine. And I’m here to tell you it’s distracting to the eye and you no longer are the subject of focus at that point. That’s why you won’t see many portrait sessions in crowded areas with lots of people in the returned images.

So, when should I schedule my senior photos on South Congress?

I’m so glad you asked! The best time is a weekday evening. It can still be busy, but it’s nothing like the weekend. I know what you’re going to say. But I don’t get out of school until ____ time! Or my parent doesn’t get out of work until _____ time! Yes, I know that can be an issue, but I am here to give you permission to leave school early for an appointment. You take off school for dentist appointments, hair appointments, doctor appointments, and so much more, why not take off early for an actually fun appointment?

Your senior photos are an experience that you don’t want stained with lots of distracting people or uncomfortable-ness because lots of people are around, right? If you absolutely cannot schedule your session on a weekday then you can also consider a weekend sunrise session. My only words of advice here is to make sure the senior is on board because in my experience most teens hate early mornings. lol

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