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family photoshoot at flat top cisco texas

Family Photography on Flat Top at Lake Cisco, Texas

I have a confession to make. I felt bad about something that happened a long time ago for this family’s session. So much so, that I reached out and asked, if I waived the session fee, if they would want a free family photo session.

You see, a loooooong time ago, they had a baby (that big girl up there). As a gift, a friend of theirs bought them a newborn session. Everything was going great at the session until I put her wedding ring on the baby’s toe. Well babies will be babies and the ring fell off and went between the wood slats on the porch. Of course, I crawled under there and searched. After a few days, I went back and looked again. I even went back months later and checked. I never found it and I felt so horrible. It was awful. Ellie, being the sweetheart she is, kept telling me not to worry about it that it was not a big deal, but I have never been able to shake it.

When I messaged her about this I admitted how awful I felt about it. She assured me that it was fine. She stated that it had actually worked out for the best because she had bought the ring herself and after we couldn’t find it her husband bought her a better nicer one. I’m glad it worked out, but I had to do this for me… and I am so glad we did it!

Flat Top at Lake Cisco

I have been dying to get back out to the lake. If you didn’t know, I grew up on the south shore at the Cisco Lake and although I know we had to sell the property I will never stop missing it. I drove out there about 40 minutes early so I could walk around and explore. It felt so nice to explore flat top and the wooded areas where I had spent so much of my youth.