Uribe | Mueller Family Photographer in Austin, Texas

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Fall Family Photography at Mueller Lake Park in Austin Texas

I know, I know… you’re sick of hearing how awesome this park is. Well, you just gotta trust me, it’s the best! If you haven’t had any photos there, you should consider it because as far as parks go in Austin, it’s quite possibly the best for families. The gorgeous water views, ducks, turtles, birds, trees, food, and shops makes this stop worth it. If you appreciate trees as much as I do, you’ll love walking around admiring all the beautiful foliage here. The best part? All the carved inscriptions and names in the trees. So many people with hope and love in their hearts chiseled their names and initials into those trees. You can almost hear when the wind blows and the leaves whisper their love stories.

Meet the Uribe Family

Ivan, Cristina, Vivian, and Ellie were a pleasure to work with. They showed affection towards each other very naturally and you can tell they care about one another. It was so sweet to see how the sisters interacted. I loved getting to meet this family and I hope to see them again!


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