Horseshoe Bay Family Photographer

Horseshoe Bay Family Photographer – West of Austin

For this family photography shoot, I drove out to the beautiful Horseshoe Bay Resort. A new place for me to explore. (Thanks Renee!) I was limited on time, but the areas I was able to check out were absolutely beautiful and definitely a place that once visited is easily remembered. Hoping to have more family photo sessions at Horseshoe Bay in the future!

Photographing this family since 2010!

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family for a VERY long time. I credit Renee for giving me my first taste of Austin years ago before I ever even considered calling it home. That trip I also discovered Verde’s which is still my favorite restaurant to date! It’s worth the trip and always be sure to check on the Golden Tile Fish dish. It was perfection! I traveled here for her family a few different times. Their family photo session, her dad’s 80th surprise birthday party, and both of her boys senior photo sessions.

Thanks for hiring me for your family photo shoot at the Horseshoe Bay Resort, Renee! I have loved the opportunity to get to know you and your family.

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