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Being A Maternity Photographer in Austin, Texas

When you’re pregnant it can feel like forever. All the aches and pains or the scary health issues that arise. But in reality it’s a very short period of time. And once your baby is born it’s easy to look back and wish you had enjoyed it a little more. Pregnancies are fickle and terrifying and have the potential to cause a lot of heartache. Recognizing that doesn’t mean to be sad about the possibilities every day… it means to relish in the joy you DO have on a daily basis.

We don’t always have control over how our story unfolds, but we can control how we spend our time, whether that be in sadness or joy. My personal journey knows grief. I’ve had a miscarriage and I know the heartache that accompanies that loss. After that miscarriage I was finally able to have a viable pregnancy resulting in my youngest, Atticus. That previous loss made me so appreciative and deeply joyful about the pregnancy afterwards. Without telling the whole long story, my first born’s birth was very traumatic in multiple ways and although the second child’s birth was not perfect, I was so grateful for my experiences. Did you have a traumatic birth experience? I’d love to hear your experiences. Leave me a comment below with your story.

Maternity & Family Photographer in Cisco, Texas

I fit this sweet family session in before a senior photography session during my last visit to Cisco. Because the sun was still a little higher than when I like to shoot we started at the dam picnic area. My grand idea was to begin there to have the trees block some light, but there weren’t many leaves (if any at all!) and with Veronica being very pregnant we didn’t want to hike at the zoo. There’s another path entrance to a winding trail that we utilized for some of their session.

I reached out to Veronica after re-editing her senior session from 10 years ago! You can find that here. She had a beautiful wearable set of angel wings she wore at the end of it and I wanted to do a then and now. What a transformation 10 years can make, am I right? Life changes so much even though it changes slowly it can be a wonderful exercise to look back and think about where you are in your life now.