Agnew | Fall Family Mini Sessions in Cisco, Texas


Fall Family Mini Sessions In Cisco, Texas

Here’s another one from the fall family mini sessions in Cisco, Texas! This isn’t my first time photographing this sweet family (if you want to see more click here), but it was the funniest! Kanon has gotten a lot bigger and he’s full of personality that just can’t be contained. Keri and Kanon were both giggling and laughing during their mini session and anyone with a brain can see their connection is rock solid. By the end of their fall mini session, Kanon was cracking us both up. The whole session he was saying “Cheese Chicken!” instead of cheese. Which he came up with on his own. Maybe he was wanting some dinner? lol Either way we were belly laughing at his antics.

Location, Location, Location

I had planned another location for these mini sessions, but I’m actually really glad the original place didn’t work out. This location was magic! All the foliage made it even more beautiful. Y’all probably know by now that I love some overgrown leaves & trees! Something about the wildness of nature just puts me at ease and reminds me of the beauty in imperfection.